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Hats off to Hats!

Updated: Feb 11, 2020

Hats are one of my favorite #accessories to wear year around fully realizing that it is not everyone's thing. They have been a staple item of my wardrobe throughout. It’s a statement detail that instantly makes any look more interesting and it’s also a quick and simple addition to your outfit. The biggest misconception about hats is that only certain people can pull them off. Nothing could be further from the truth!

And #hats are for everyone, it makes my job just so much easy when I am photographing children. #Cowboy hat, #Beret, #newsboy cap, #boater hat to bucket hats, they can just pull off any of them effortlessly and nothing makes a photographer life more easy then when the unruly locks are all tamed and tucked away neatly under those hats and caps.

Not only it is very practical in terms of protecting you from Cold or Hot but at the same time it can help you tremendously by protecting your hair from those dreaded hot iron tools that we constantly use to fry our hair.

So go ahead pull that hat out, place it where it belongs, which is your head not the drawers and embrace your new trendy, edgy, cool, dignified, traditional, stylish and practical Look! yes...all these looks can be achieved with one simple Hat!

So as I say, Hats Off to Hats!!!

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