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Gursaanjh's 1st "Birthday", Celebrate the Cake Smash Away!

No first birthday party is complete without a crazy cake smash for your little one. The messier, the better! and who wouldn’t want those adorable cake moments pictured forever? One such little cutie pie I recently got to photograph was "Gursaanjh". Cake smash took place at Gursaanjh's house because of COVID-19 safety measures and her absolutely adorable mom and dad had done such a good job decorating and creating the whole set up which made it the easiest cake smash session for me. Gursaanjh was the cutest little bundle of joy and the highlight of my photo shoot was her dance for the Punjabi "Bhangra" tunes. I got some beautiful shots while Bhangra tunes being played in the background and I am sharing some of my favourites here with you :)

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