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Yasmeen's Photo Shoot for Social Media

Updated: Jun 13, 2022

Yasmeen wanted something different, not too traditional for her Linkedin and social media using the classic colour choices for corporate world. She brought some lovely outfits with her, mix and matched them with accessories and outcome was very fantastic looking shot.

We kept the colour palate to Gray, Black and White and used gray seamless paper backdrop for some of the portraits. I also setup the table and office look in one corner of my studio facing the window and used the natural light as my main source of lightning.

Besides the photography part, she as also very kind and sweet, which made it extra easy for me to capture her smile. Here are some of my favourites! and Yasmee's review at the end of the page.

Brand Photography | Nile Photography | Windsor, ON

A review from "Yasmee"

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